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To all the ladies and gents on WordPress, I suggest NEVER sharing your blog with other people. You will undoubtedly get backstabbed and haunted by people who you wanted out of your lives. All I know is, I was true to the Irish Gentleman, I even shed tears over him, and for what? To be called a liar and probably a whole list of other names he has for me that he did not want to make public.

Think what you want of me, whoever is reading, but I am a genuine caring person. I JUST got into a relationship TONIGHT. I was never in one when I was with the Irish Gentleman. As a matter of fact I had cut that person out of my life at that point. But we just recently reconciled and made a go of it. I hate to do this to my readers, because it’s nothing but drama, but NEVER SHARE YOUR BLOG WITH ANYONE, EVER. Under no circumstances. I am warning you because this is what happened to me. I got it used against me. I shouldn’t care about what he thinks of me because I am the one that walked away, but it leaves a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach.

We all want our work recognized and appreciated by those we love. What better way to do it than immortalize them in your life on your blog? It may be fun and sweet to do but it’s the wrong thing to do. I don’t care if he hates me. I am glad he does. Now I can let go of all that guilt I was feeling. I am so stupid. I am too giving. I am too forgiving. But I know now how I messed up so my heart is hardened, and I can finally let go.

Goodbye, and don’t worry I WILL NEVER contact you again.