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casette tapes

So, as you all know, there was a science behind South Park’s “memberberries.” I am sure you have seen it, but basically you eat one and it brings your back to a time in your childhood where everything was great. You start reminiscing about the good ole’ days with Star Wars, etc, but for me it was Star Trek the Next Generation, (Riker’s beard! Yum!).

And what about this? ‘Member this?

he man gif

What about this?


And of course who could forget this:

batman gif

But it begs the question why do we want to go back to a simpler time? Has the responsibilities of the real world hurt us so much? There was talk that the “millennials” have a hard time adapting to the real world because you know when my generation was younger we didn’t get a trophy for “just participating.”: The only way you got a trophy was if you actually won something.

But that is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk to about what it was like to play outside with your friends. What it was like to go to a Drive-In and make out. A time where if you got a call from a guy, it was on your answering machine with its one cassette tape. A time that if you made plans with your friends, you would call them up on a landline and agree to meet at a place and ALL of you would show up. None of this bullshit where you hang around and wait for something better to along so you can text someone “sorry I can’t make it” and just break plans at the drop of a hat. I am sorry but this generation sucks. Yeah sure we evolved with our technology but it really hurts us. Do we really need to snap a picture of our meal and post it on Facebook. I mean WTF. Really? (And the only reason I used that acronym was so I don’t drop too many F-bombs). As a matter of fact the way things are now is just one giant F-Bomb.

I can think of so many things that I did that kids are getting robbed of today. Going out and hanging with your friends to laugh and talk, not sit around in a booth at Friday’s and all of you text without talking to each other. I mean why in the hell are you texting someone if you are sitting right across from them? TALK TO THEM! Fuck man. I am so frustrated. People have lost sight of all social skills in this society. Now everyone is just being coddled and everyone is afraid to speak their mind because everything is “politically correct.”  I get that everyone wants equality, I am all for it, but some of the crap out there really gets on my nerves.

But I will digress from that because I don’t want to get negative with this post. This is about a time when things were more “rewarding” and more “fun” in general. Arcades, bookstores, even BlockBuster. Why must you sit and binge a series, why not just stay in suspense and just fucking WAIT for the show. Just WAIT. No one wants to wait anymore. There is ZERO patience out there. People text bomb, call constantly and bang their cable boxes if there is not “instant” fix for a problem. God forbid the internet is out and you have to go outside, OH NO!!! No wi-fi? Time to cry in a corner. God, it’s beyond stupid. Can you honestly live without your phone? Can you go without internet? And I am not absolving myself of these things either. As I am looking at my life thinking about how I was 20 years ago, I was totally happier. I had more fresh air in my lungs. I walked for miles all over Manhattan getting to know people, places and things. I was never home. I barely used my cell phone, as a matter of fact I had a flip phone. I didn’t really get on the internet until I was at least 27. Crazy ain’t it?

So I say go outside. Enjoy life. There are better things on the horizon. I wonder what would happen if we all were robbed of all our technology? Would we all be completely helpless? I would like to give the human species more credit than that. I think we would adapt. I think we would make it. Mesopotamians, Incas, Aztecs, Altantians, and Romans all fell. We will fall too, it will just be a matter of time. Will you be ready?

Stay tuned.