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He flicks his tongue against my lips as he grips my chin. A young man, not my type at all. Who can break me? I ran into another one of his kind earlier. “Kneel” he said. What a joke that was. I will never yield for a man no matter what he asks me to do. .But oh the Literary. This flirtatious period has upped into high gear. I have known him close to a year, and no matter how much I block him and push him away, he always finds me. I don’t think I have ever had a man pursue me quite like him before. A rare breed to say the least.

Our connections are rare. He is in New Zealand, I am in New York. Can you say Long Distance any louder? I mean the time tables alone are a total mind fuck. But once I get a handle on the situation it should be fine. I ran into a man the other day who was born on February 1st the same day as my ex. What are the odds right? Well he basically violated me and put me on this path of utter self-destruction. Part of the mania I deal with is hypersexuality which many people don’t discuss, but I have discussed in detail with my dear bipolar friend. But I will keep that in mind when I visit the many chatrooms I do go into and decide to involve myself in, because you know, predators are just about everywhere.

Back to my young Literary. Never has a man excited me so much. Well a young man of 22 years anyway. It is quite amazing what the use of words can do to a person, and when one is skilled and knows what they are doing, it can be an intense conundrum. I think I have gradually come into my own though. It’s time to leave behind the past and embrace the future. No one knows what the future will hold but this young man has somehow clawed his way back into my life and given it a whole new kinky outlook. I want to create stories again will a skilled writer. And I think The Literary is the man for the job. I missed out on my orgasm with him tonight, but that is alright because there are many more to come. Look ahead there chica, the future is on the horizon, you just have to grab it.

Who knows maybe one day I will get some sleep as well.

Long live insomniacs,

Stay tuned.