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Encircled in satin sheets for the night she waits. The suitors in her life have been calling. One at a time in and out of her life, tugging on her heartstrings and playing with her emotions. But this sex kitten knows her power she knows her strength. She remembers him. He said “kneel.” She laughed in his face. Scoffed at his audacity. No one makes her submit.

Across the oceans and continents he beckons her. Her juicy beautiful mound, natural as it is, waits for a suitor. No one knows who it will be or who it can be, not even the stars know. Heartbreak has visited her lately, as she listened to the painful message from her ex begging her to call him. She knows where that road will lead. That is a chapter that has been closed, and for the sake of her sanity and her heart she must close the book tightly shut with all her strength.

They have all come and gone over the years. Thighs pressed together as she rolls over, with her delectable breasts toppling over. Who is it now that will calm her? Who will ease the pain in her soul. She can go on many adventures with one. They can enjoy lots of cock together as she knows he is into that sort of thing, and he appreciates her body more than any man she has known. Or she can go with the handsome young man in his sharp suit waiting with a nice collar to entangle her mind with riches of the intoxicating foreplay that she craves. Oh the cat and mouse games that they play! She does love to tease him and watch him growl under his breath, the Beast waiting to take her.

But oh the message she received, from her adoring husband-to-be. The pain in his voice, breaking her heart. But she knows she isn’t responsible for him or his feelings. He has a violent temper and she will have no part in that. This vixen’s beauty is reserved for a man with honor and integrity. A gentleman. A Rhett Butler. She was just as wrong in that relationship and she knows it, so she will time just heal that one.

In the meantime, the diamonds fall to the floor as the sheets crinkle under her heavenly body. The doorbell rings. Who ist it? Which one of the fantastic suitors is it? So many have come into her life over the years. This blog is a chronicle of them through her, and her many adventures. The sex kitten. The vixen. The goddess. She embodies “woman” like no other. Men fall at her feet, and she knows it.

Topless in lace panties, with the silk sheets around her waist she answers the door.

The adventure begins here, in New York. On the snowiest day of the year.

The sweet seduction has begun. I await you. Come to me if you dare.

Stay tuned.