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Dear Love,

The sun and moon came together in the eclipse of my heart that drew you to me. By mere chance we met each other in this crazy world, and I can’t believe you are in my life. What did I do to deserve this? What did I do to deserve you? I am riddled with fear and doubt, yet my heart is fully open. The wings of my soul carry the faith that you will be my husband. For you are my husband, in the truest form. Where the thread of my life ends yours begins. Where my sentence drops, you pick up my words. I have never been completed in such a way that my heart cannot describe.

Where were you my love? All those years of pain and anguish I suffered. I remember as a child, calling out to God one night, asking him if I can hear the heartbeat of my future love and as I laid my head down that night, I swear I heard yours in my head. The future. Things I never used to think about. As I gather my life up in the tapestry of my heartbreak, I know that you are my salvation. You are the reason I suffered, so that I could know what true love is.

Where I am alone, you are not far behind. As my heels click on the pavement of this empty street, your footsteps are in the distance. My heart beats your name now, and as I tried to sleep tonight your face was all I saw and the words that were difficult to express, now became clear to me. Something so simple as expression was difficult because I had so much self-doubt. Am I worthy of a man like you? I say yes. I can look in the mirror, and as the tears strum down my face I see your reflection looking back at mine, hands outstretched to cup my beautiful face and wipe these tears away. Yes, I called myself beautiful, a word which I could never say in regards to a hideous beast in which i call myself. For the first time in 18 years, since I last felt beautiful, I am starting to feel desirable again.

My orgasms are more potent now. Never have I felt more sexy and desirable, as your voice echoes in my ears with that lustful accent and the tip of the tongue. At the drop of a hat, I will drop to my knees and worship you as the God that you are. You are my King, as I am your Queen. You are my Knight as I am your Princess. Never in my life did I think that a love story like this could be written, but here it is, words strung together like the stars mapped in the sky. My Aquarian to my Cancer. Out love was written in the zodiac as well as it could have been written in the ancient texts of great love stories.

Never once have I loved as deep as I love now.

This is my rawness. This is me. Naked in front of you, my fragile crooked heart in my hands.

Take it.

Take it my love.

It is all yours.