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Ever just watch your phone? Hoping it will beep with a message. Beep, dammit beep! Haha. I am one of those sad souls who hardly ever get a beep on my phone. I have a severe lack of friends, and the ones that do “beep” me come around at insane hours of the night, when, I hate to say it, they have nothing else better to do. So why not beep Lynn? She has nothing else better to do. Sigh. I hate to be last on the totem pole, but it seems that is what my life has come down to.

So what do you do? How do you battle boredom? Watch some YouTube? Eh, I am not a fan of YouTube. Binge on Netflix? Eh, nothing really interesting is on there. So I have been finding myself in some awful chatrooms and forums lately. But there is a light of hope. I heard back from that job I interviewed with three weeks ago, so I may have a new job! Thank god! Now I can get my lazy butt in gear. I just need some kind of structure. A reason to get out of bed everyday, at a reasonable hour. What I would give to go to sleep each night and wake up at the same time every day. Not in my bipolar universe!

I recently reconnected with the Literary and it has been a pleasant experience. Battling wits and flirting has been good fun which this girl definitely needs. Things got hot and heavy with the Astronomer earlier in the week, so that was good fun. Also, had a bit of tryst with the Canadian last weekend as well as some sexy time with Azure. This girl has a full schedule, so what am I complaining about? Haha! I guess in the quiet moments without the lack of attention, (which I have gotten used to), I get kinda down.

So what to do on a boring Saturday afternoon? I would really like a drink, but we know how that will go, so nevermind. I have abandoned my roleplaying and even my #AllStarTrek group on Twitter because I have the attention span of a gnat. Haha. Is this reliance on technology killing our patience? Nothing “does it” for me anymore. Is it the bipolar? I don’t think so. But I am glad I don’t have a whiny post, my last post was super whiny. I am in good spirits. I have a wonderful best friend and an amazing family. Sure my phone doesn’t beep often, but do I really want it to? How about some Lynn time? Yeah, I think that could work. Hope you guys have found something to battle your boredom out there!

Stay tuned.