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Dearest friend,

Time and space has ruptured again so our romance can be rekindled. I don’t know how or why we reconnected again, but I do believe there is some purpose. I am usually great with words, but for you there is none, just expressions. A simple smile, to a hearty laugh, I see my future in your eyes when you look at me.

Through the months and the years that have passed you always have found your way back into my heart. I see demons when I look in the mirror, in your eyes I can see angels staring back at me. Never has a man made me feel so beautiful like you have. What I see in your face is total admiration and love, like two star-crossed lovers over distant oceans and over distant continents like we are. But that doesn’t matter. Though your sun sets, and mine rises, each day our experiences in life have brought us together. My eyes are weary now, as I write this in the early morning hours of dawn, but I see your face, oh your face, so clearly when I tried to lay down and sleep tonight. I just had to get up and write to you.

I never envisioned my future. Through the bitterness of old age, and the bleakness of the dating scene, I was fully content of never having a husband, never having children, and ultimately dying with no one to carry on my essence or any memory of my life or my life’s legacies. I see my children in your eyes. In your face. I don’t know what it all means, and I won’t even second guess it, I will just feel it. Ultimately and humbly. If my sadness over the past few years has taught me anything, it’s that in those few moments that were stolen in time for us, my ultimate happiness was there. Through all the disappointment with the men in my life, I can see a great truth, and absolute certainty in your face. Like you would be the man to never leave me. Like somehow, anyhow, you would always be in my life.. With the turning of seasons, the holidays that have passed, I never forgot you. I pushed you out of my mind because I had given up. I gave up on love, on hope, on dreams, and being that you were a world away, it was not even plausible or possible that anything would ever happen past a causal flirtation.

Until tonight. Tonight I learned a valuable lesson. I need to pay attention to this lesson because the Universe is making it apparent that I need to learn it. There is hope. There is love and the possibility of a wonderful life with the man of my dreams out there. He may not be you, (even as I type that I cringe because I hope to God that it IS you), but I learned to never give up hope. My dream man is real. A living being, and you will be the standard in which I hold all men. None of them has ranked up to you so far, or at least not for me in this moment. I feel security with you. A closeness, and a calmness of peace. Watching you lay your head back and talk about your thoughts and feelings, and seeing you relaxed and in a calm space made me realize what an amazing man you really are. I am grateful. So grateful to know you dear one. I am your baby, and you are mine. We will not bother with labels cause it’s gone way passed that at this point. Time has no meaning when I am in your presence. It stops. Like the beats of my heart that have been pounding in my chest hoping you will message me soon. Whatever it is, or whatever may come, you are a jewel, and deeply special to me. Whatever time and space have planned for us, at this moment you are the dream of a love that time will lie down and be still for. Just like it was still for us in the moments we shared tonight. Whether this messages you or not that’s not point. The point is that you touched me deeply, and I will never forget it.

Thank you.

Thank you for being you.


The best friend and the greatest love waiting for you across oceans.