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I think this deserved its own post, mainly because it was so damn good! I haven’t as much fun at the movies in such a long time. Also I just thought it would be something nice to share with my readers, other than the sob stories and all the nonsense I usually write about; and I thought I would include my favorite trailer in this post, because it is the longest and most relevant to the main parts of the movie.

I felt very enraptured by the characters. This is definitely a darker Star Wars tale, and it brings me back to how I felt when I watched Empire Strikes Back as a kid. It was meant to be a stand alone movie and it ranks as one of the best Star Wars movies in history. Definitely a reprieve from the Episodes I, II, and III. The writers really outdid themselves this time, taking on events and themes that just tugs at your heartstrings. I definitely teared up at many parts of this movie. And of course Darth Vader was kick ass, because come on he’s Darth Vader…..


That being said, if you haven’t seen Rogue One, and even if you haven’t seen any of the Star Wars, it would definitely be worth a watch, because the story in itself stands alone for heroism, strength and hope. It made me feel really good, and as I have often found myself without hope it brought me back to life when it comes to movies, cause as we all know most of them just plain suck nowadays. Case in point: “BYE BYE MAN” coming out on the 13th, I mean what the hell?

Also as a sidenote it was good being with my best friend today, he was just as handsome as ever, and I needed to see him to be reminded how much I love him. I know, I know, I was obsessing over some Aussie Guy in the past few posts. Who knew love is where you least expect it?

But, in all, the message I took away from this movie was HOPE. It was a recurring theme throughout the movie. So I will leave you with my favorite line:


“I am with the Force and the Force is with me” – Never forget that either.

Till next time.

Stay tuned.