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So more often than not people are “ghosted” on dating sites. That has become a recurring trend among daters it seems. What happens to us though? The “ghostees?” They definitely need to add that one in the Urban Dictionary next to “loser” or “thrown away garbage” because that’s what it really feels like.

So yesterday I was all like this:



I’m all like this:



Yeah I was ghosted. Happens to the best of us I guess. But you know what I think? People are just expendable on the internet. Unless you actually meet them, form a bond and have several months time spent together then ghosting just isn’t an option. Then, you can at least get the “break up” phone call. Or do people ghost people even if they were together for months nowadays? I don’t know how any of this works. Hell, I will be 37 this year, and I still remember when people used phones and answering machines…….

As Mary said from He’s Just Not That Into You:

“I had this guy leave me a voice mail at work so I called him at home and then he e-mailed me to my Blackberry and so I texted to his cell and then he e-mailed me to my home account and the whole thing just got out of control. And I miss the days when you had one phone number and one answering machine and that one answering machine has one cassette tape and that one cassette tape either had a message from a guy or it didn’t.”

And now well…now it goes like this:


What the hell is going on people? Are we that messed up in the head? Why is it so god damn hard? I am getting sick of this shit. You know for the end of 2016 I was perfectly happy being my hermit, secluded self, just locked off from the world and not talking to any guys. Now I meet someone, get my hopes up and:


Yeah that’s me. The tree stump. Or at least that’s how I feel right now. Nothing beats this feeling of being left behind. I mean I would like to know what happened at least? But really after three days of non=stop texting, the weekend comes and you’re a ninja? Am I his weekday fling?


Oh man, I would be so bummed if that is what happened. Imagine if this guy shows up on Monday?  I think you all know what I should do.



Till next time.

Stay tuned.