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As I fell into a dreamworld while reading “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” I wandered into a labyrinth of time and space that only true literates would know of. I traveled down and down the rabbit hole of this world only to realize the true adventure was before me. Azure was there as he always was, stroking my mind and my thoughts. But he is not what enchanted me on this journey, as I sunk deeper in my dreamworld.

He was there. The stallion, the God. Striking features of a True man eyed me as I sat at the quiet bar deep in my dream. As the whiskey pours and piano in the distance plays, this intimate stranger comes and sits next to me and in his husky voice he said “you have been here before, your heels clicking as you’ve walked in here several times, I wonder what man it is you like or fantasize of. It seems to be you have been dealing with little boys young lady.” Shocked and bewildered, albeit appalled at his brazen comment I am stunned. Who was this man? Dark and mysterious all in black, as he lit his cigar, he offers to light my cigarette as i finish off my Honey Jack Daniels.

I decide then and there to engage him. The battle of wits has begun. A much older gentleman I figure him to be, insanely confident and I am sure he has bed many women. He reminds me of Clark Gable with just a hint of a beard and prominent mustache and with his eyes looking at my luscious pillowlips, I can almost hear the voice of Rhett Butler saying “you should be kissed in often and by someone who knows how.”

We sat there in the dim light with his hand on my leg, gently shifting himself next to me, as the piano starts to play “When a Man Loves a Woman.” “Shall we dance?” he asks me so graciously. We make our way to the dancefloor and as he holds my hips close and shyly feels my lack of underwear underneath my red dress, I can feel his excitement as he presses against me. “Naughty girl,” he says. We sway to the sounds and enjoy our dance. I get lost in the moment as the walls comes crashing down in to the end of my dream.

The Intimate Stranger is gone,.and as I try and make sense of the dream I remember him being just a figment of my imagination. I wake naked in my bed, at the sounds of NYC outside my loft apartment. Walking to the window in nothing but a sheet I look outside in the bustling city from above. “You’re out there Rhett,” I whisper to myself in a Scarlett O’Hara voice.

The “Cemetery of Forgotten Books” rests on my night table, as I reach for it and thumb through the pages. I wonder what brought on the dream of The Intimate Stranger by reading this? Looking through, I am desperate for an answer as the phone rings. “Hello?” I answer. A slow breath and a skipped heartbeat occur as I realize who it is. “Hello my darling it is me, the one you have been waiting for, you teased me in your dream and now its time I come find you and make you mine. You have been with a boy and an old man, cherie, why not try a man at the right age with a way with women?” It was him. It wasn’t a dream. Now its time to embark on the ultimate adventure. My wetness can’t be denied any longer. It’s time I give myself to real man. It has been way too long.