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Shamanic Dream

So yeah, I cybered again last night with my Canadian friend. This is becoming a habit I better stop! Nah, why stop? I am enjoying myself. I also reconnected with “Azure”and had a wonderful 5 hour conversation this morning. We talked about everything from sex, to troubles with mental health to appreciating wonderful articulate people when you meet them. We also shared some very naked and graphic pictures and got each other really excited (no faces of course, a girl knows better). I had connected with Azure back in April but we had a brief friendly conversation, nothing to the extent to which we had today. It was definitely eye opening. I also connected with a 63 year old man, and I know you’re thinking  “gross” but he doesn’t look at all 63, and he is local. Would I screw a 63 old married man? Not likely, but I know he is hoping. Poor dude.

So a little zen for me today as I found the youtube of “Shamanic Dream” and have had it on repeat. It is quite sexy and relaxing. I don’t know, this past week I have felt really confident. I mean the job hunt is pretty much a bust, because I have been sleeping ridiculously odd hours, and it is definitely not conducive to holding down a good job. I do need to work though, I keep telling myself that. I need some kind of structure in this haphazard life I am living.

What I am noticing, is that I have been having quite a bit of fun being an “Online Sex Kitten.” These men that come around lately have been making me feel really sexy and confident. And I know, I know, confidence comes from within, but to me when men are enjoying you and who you are (even if you’re behind a screen) it is a definite confidence booster. On that note, I do miss the “Astronomer.” I wonder what ever happened to him? We had an amazing Sunday together and he vanished for like a month. Crazy how this online world is. People drop in and out so fast I can barely keep up. But I am having fun. I do wish I could keep connections going for more than a few months though. I still think of the Southerner sometimes, but no use crying over spilled milk. And I wonder how the “Virginian” is doing in his new relationship. He had cut ties me a ways back because he wanted to concentrate on his new woman. Funny this is the same man that said he would be alone forever. Interesting how times change people and people change the times.

Anyway, I also found a new friend on a Sex Forum, (well it isn’t just sex but that’s the part where I am lurking), so we will see how that goes.

So cheers everyone! I hope you are feeling Zen, and things are good in your lives to whoever is reading. You guys have been with me though a lot, and to those that are still with me through my ramblings peace be with you! And thank you for staying with me.

Till next time….

Stay tuned.