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I lie awake.

With thoughts of you.

Oh what have I done.

Guilt, immeasurable, inexcusable.

My actions were petty, because of an obsession of the mind.

The carelessness of the heart and soul.

The Dream.

That I had of us.

Was lost because of my impatience, my arrogance.

Never will I know trust, or love or security.

If I don’t give it a chance to endure, to grow.

Mistakes of a dream that I almost lost.

This isn’t perfect.

I am not a set of ones and zeroes.

I am human and I fail all the time.

I fail at life, I fail at love.

But I will not fail you.

I promise.

I am sorry for my misgivings.

I am sorry for my imperfections.

I cannot bring myself to see what I have done.

I have lost.

I am broken.