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pier 17

Dusty streets of New York. She rounds the corner. “It was a nice dream,” she mutters to herself. A year has gone by. They stopped talking ages ago. It just fizzled out like most online relationships. Her heels click against the sidewalk as the Fall air surrounds her. A lonely night indeed. Pier 17.  She chuckles to herself, this is where they would have their first kiss. She replays it in her head, “yes, yes, it was a nice dream.”

But you know how the story goes, girl meets boy online, and distance breaks all hope and dreams they might have had. She knows better, but she can’t shake him from her mind even a year later.

The fog lifts, and she walks to the Pier, bars and restaurants buzzing on the cobblestone path leading up to it. “Ah what the hell, I should have a drink.” She walks into the first bar she sees, and there at the edge of the bar she sees him. “It can’t be…..”


He sits in his office chair, its been a year. He never got to see her. She was beautiful, his dream woman. “Why didn’t it work out? Why didn’t I go see her? Ugh. This has been a shitty year. Irony, doubt, skepticism, all part of the equation. These things never work out, it was better this way. Why do I still think of her?” He sits thinking, “my health has improved, I got this great job finally, but what is this nagging feeling?” It’s 8:15 am. Sleep has still been a problem, but he was used to it. Time to surf the internet. Hmm, porn? Porn and coffee. Nope. Time to check the email. He still gets alerts for cheap tickets to New York, hmm where she is. Hmm, the price is really low.

Fingers, hands, arms. Her breasts. Still all in his imagination.”It was a nice dream” He looks through his phone. Her pictures. He looks back at the cheap air fare. “Screw it, I’m going,” and out the door of his office he goes.

Friday night. Pier 17. “This is where we would have had our first kiss.” He needs a drink, cobblestone under his feet as he makes his way to the Pier. “What am I even doing here? It was just a dream.” He stops at the first bar he sees and goes in and has a seat facing the door. Staring at the door having his beer, she walks in….”It can’t be……”

Hands encircling. Heavy breathing. Saliva and juices flowing. Hard thrusts. Soft kisses. Finders intertwining. Rubbing and touching. Passion pulsing. Sensuality caressing the skin. Faces buried in each other. Hair pulling. His beard scratching her skin. Her breasts rubbing up against his chest. Panting. Loss of breath. Heart stopping jolts of electricity between two bodies.

Look this is a world that’s without souls. People go on living, even when things don’t work out. I wrote a piece just yesterday on doubt and skepticism in the world of online dating, but with a positive prospective. I am not a fool. Okay maybe I am a hopeless romantic fool. I’ll take that one. But I know how things go. I have been in and out of a lot of online relationships. They have been going at lightening speed as of late. My heart strings have been pulled on, I have been messed with, but things are finally slowing down. I am becoming more creative, I am looking at more outcomes. There is unlimited potential in every situation you enter. Some crash and burn, (as what with happened to me many times). But there is a chance, a sliver of something good. Who knows? Fast forward a year and Mr. M. may still be on my mind, or he may leave my mind without a thought. Or I could get married and live happily ever after. The point is, I’m writing about it, daydreaming about it, wondering, wishing, its all part of the creative process. If nothing comes out of this, I am thankful for at least the inspiration.

Hell….maybe I will take a trip to Pier 17 this weekend……….