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1 am. All too familiar. Why can’ I ever sleep. This insomnia. Naked under the bed sheets on a cool Autumn evening. My bed has been empty for quite sometime. Hands. All over me. Hypnotic. Desires swell in my head as I struggle to sleep. Dark thoughts in the dead of night. Moonlit encounters for the mind to ponder. Rest Lynn, rest. Quench your desires with subtle masturbation.

Is it so easy? So much porn out there. Choices for a sexy mind in the hotness of night. Hair pulling, crawling, spanking, all of which I need in my life. Desire. Sweat. Entangled, toes, hands and fingers. Light touches against my lips. God what it was like to be touched by a man, Have I forgotten? What is it like to be kissed properly? To feel the edge of passion encircle your being till you become engrossed with sensuality.

Sapiosexual – One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. I am in love with words. The shape of them the way they are used. I may roleplay tonight just to release some tension. Roleplay as what though? The naughty teacher with the bad student. With my glasses hanging low as the pencil traces my lips. Or the church-going housewife with the husband out of town and the new next door neighbor with the rippling biceps asks me in for a drink. Or my all time favorite, the NYC executive who finds solace in the arms of the mysterious stranger she meets at the hotel bar. All healthy sexy fantasies, but what do I do? Find some random stranger to quell my sexual desires. Its cheap and tawdry, and its how I got mixed up with adult sites and got sucked in by The Literary.

No back to sleep with you, you voluptuous minx. Let the sheets fondle your breasts as you lay naked in the heat of the night. Your juices mounting at the thought of the newest suitor in your life. I think that’s it for now. I sit here topless at my computer and drum my fingers against my pillowlips with thoughts of a sinful nature. But I will resist the call for cheap titillating sexual release tonight. Where lust meats desire is where my heart tells my mind, not again Lynn, don’t get yourself mixed up with these clowns. Better more delicious things await on the horizon. A grazing thigh, a tease of the hair and neck. Gentle touches in the night yet to come.

Bide your time. It awaits you. Back to bed with you now.