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He drums his finger on his desk. Its 2 am and it started to snow. They have been chatting for months,  and he is totally in love. With an idea, with a vision he doesn’t even know too well. The snow is building up outside his home. The email alert beeps on his phone. The price for a trip to New York is the cheapest its ever been. “Screw it,” he says. He grabs his keys and packs a light bag and out the door he goes on this cold January night to the nearest airport. He doesn’t even tell her, a mistake he will pay for later.

She wakes up in the middle of the night. They have been chatting for months. She is totally and utterly in love because she falls harder than most people. She has $20.00 in the bank but a credit card with a $3000.00 spending limit. “Screw it,” she says. She packs a bag and out the door she goes to JFK on her way to London. She should have told him, she knows she should have. A mistake she will pay for later.

Snowstorm coming in. Flight delayed. Shit. In JFK she sits, waiting for her flight to be cleared so she can go to her love. “This is crazy, but oh so right.”

He makes his way through customs, so excited to see her.The plane barely landed due to the massive snowstorm about to raise hell in New York. He arrives in the early morning hours, and heads to her house with the last cab. He rings the bell with roses in his hand, her father answers and says “She’s gone to London” Defeated. Bewildered. “No no no no,” he tells himself.

Back at JFK, all planes have been grounded due to the snowstorm, the delay is permanent. “Ugh, life hates me,” she says.  Then she gets a text, “I’m here at the place where you first told me we would share our first kiss.” Her phone dies. “Shit!” She cries, but she knows where to go. Out into the snowstorm she goes, and grabs the last cab. “Please, please, I need to go to Pier 17.” The cab driver raises his eyebrow, “Are you sure, by the water?”  “Yes,” she exclaims, “I have to get there now.”

Off she goes, and through the snowstorm, she gets out of the cab and sees a single figure shivering by the pier, with a bag next to him looking at the snow coming down. She drops her purse, everything, and screams his name. He turns around and sees her for the first time, through it all, what brought him here, what he waited for, what she waited for. They run to each other and embrace in a kiss that levels all of Manhattan. A kiss that has been coming since the first moment they met online and fawned over each other. Two “love-sick teenagers” in middle age. It has all come down to this. This kiss. This moment.

He looks at her. She looks at him. “So what do we do now?” She smiles, “Now, now that you’re here I will never let you go. I will spend the rest of my life loving you and we will begin this adventure now till the end of our days.”

Fate. The thing I never believed in, until all the nonsense I have gone through has brought me to this point. I don’t know where this will go, no one does. I have been wrong about so many things. But not this. Not this. Its like all those love songs. They say “Fools Chance” and :”Love never lasts” but we don’t know. We never know until we take that chance. So take that chance. *Raises glass* “Here’s to chance”  You never know where you will be led. Take that chance. If you love someone, tell them. If you want to go to them, do it. Don’t wait. Life waits for no man (or woman).