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playing guitar

Pull on those Strings.

Yeah like that.

That’s it.

Oblique heart chords on that guitar.

Dance with me now.

Slow melancholy melody.

You know how to do it baby.

You know how to do it to me.

Shatter that mirror as I look through it.

Glass breaking under our feet.

Dance with me now.

Opaque moonlight beating down through the windows.

Thickness of smoke in the room.

Rock back and forth as you tear my clothes off.

Play that guitar as I down this shot.

A mixture of alcohol and smoke we retreat.

You look at me and say, “I’m bad”

I look at you and say “I’m bad too”

Those are the only words we say to each other.

Lipstick stains on your chest, as I bury myself in your arms.

Paint the sky with my blood shot tears.

A mix of red and blue to make a violet scene.

The sun rises, and I awake alone in bed.

Those guitar chords still in my head.

Yeah baby pull on those strings.

They are torn with my heart.