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get a life

There are people out there that just don’t get it. I am convinced of it.  I will be the first one to admit I need to get a life. But so many people out there REALLY need to do the same.  I have been thinking of going back to work lately, only because I am TOTALLY BORED and I need to DO something. Also it would be nice to have some spending money, since I have amassed SO much debt being manic.  I spent so much money on frivolous things, I don’t even know where all of it went.

Anyway, I have all together given up on online dating. I met a nice guy from New Jersey on OKCupid recently, and I feel bad for him.  He is honestly trying to put himself out there and I applaud him for it. He misses going out on actual dates and hasn’t been getting anywhere on the site. Why don’t I go out with him you ask? He’s in Jersey! I don’t know if anyone out there is familiar with these areas but I live out on Long Island, and the amount of bridges, traffic and tolls to get to him would be outrageous.  The sad thing is without all of that he would probably be just an hour and a half away.  He is nice enough I think to come out to me, but I don’t want to give him hope. I am sorry, I may sound ungrateful, but I think Jersey and my vagina dries up.  Besides, I am so jaded by the whole dating scene that I don’t think I could put 100% into this, which this nice guy deserves.  Why must everything be so difficult?   Anyway, the only reason we have been messaging each other is because he wrote a thoughtful message that went like this:

Hello there. I’m Angel I draw, read, love music, work full time and go to school for engineering. I worked hard to get me where I’m at now. Love to go explore new places to see and eat at. All I really need is someone to experience them with hopefully I can maybe catch your interest. Well hope to hear from you and hope you have a great day.

Wasn’t that a nice message? I jumped for joy until I saw how far he actually was. I don’t know maybe I am making excuses, but just the idea of putting myself through so much for a guy? UGH! I have been becoming very selfish in my singledom ways. Oh well.

Meanwhile, there is a guy who IS actually IN my town and probably 5 minutes away. But instead of being nice and engaging like the Jersey guy, he does this:

Wednesday – 5:51pm
Hey I live in valley stream too Do you want to hangout or no

Thursday – 4:08pm
Hey How are you doing Can we hangout or no

Thursday – 5:55pm
I guest not

Thursday – 10:48pm
We need to talk

Thursday – 11:07pm
Ok I guest not

Saturday – 2:32pm
I going out to a party

Today – 10:59am
I am off today can we hangout out or not today

Today – 12:59pm
Can I ask you something

Just now!
Me: (I Finally had enough of this guy!) Please do me a favor. Stop messaging me. There are so many things wrong here. First your profile is blank. Second, what makes you think I would just hang out with someone that doesn’t try to get to know me. Just because we are both from Valley Stream doesn’t mean I am automatically going to go out with you. And what do you mean by “hang out?” I go out on dates. I do not “hang out” Please if you want a booty call please message someone else. Just PLEASE STOP MESSAGING ME. Thank you.

Him: I don’t want a booty call I want a gf

Le sigh.

Get a goddam life!