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I think it’s time I get back out there. No not dating. Screw that. My latest message on OkCupid was “hey baby, we’re from the same town, wanna hang out”  *Crickets*  Ummm, no. I am not your booty call, and at least engage me in conversation before you ask a question like that. Like seriously? Ugh, I am totally done with online dating. Or dating at all for that matter.

But what I mean by getting back out there is seeking employment again. I had a couple of odd jobs and some that I really liked over the years, but nothing beats the job I had when I first became manic.  It was perfect, even though I don’t like traveling into Manhattan,  it was something that I was good at and proud of. No job ever felt the same as that one after that.  I thought about what I want to do. I’d like to be part of the interviewing process again. Being an interviewer and meeting new people was a lot of fun for me. People are so interesting when they are on an interview. Kinda like “put your best face forward” kind of thing.  That always fascinated me.

Anyway, I am up on Indeed.com. Simple enough website. I have been researching and much like online dating employers are doing extensive digging. I googled myself and there is nothing matching my professional name. Thank god! Since I closed my Facebook I don’t have to worry about that either. But I am going to approach the “job hunt” the same way as the “man hunt” with no expectation. The ultimate job is like the ultimate man. If I can’t have the man I might as well have the job!

I completed a rigorous application with the Marriot just a few minutes ago. I like that application process because it was like you were actually “working” for them and they throw you in some first hand experiences that you will be faced with so when you get the job there will be no surprises. Why can’t relationships be that way? You know, conduct the interview and there is no “ghosting” no “mind games” no “pretentions”  Ahhh, if only people were like that.  You get what you put into it. But people, they are unpredictable. But at least with looking for a job, I know EXACTLY what I am getting into…..

Stay tuned!