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You ever notice how powerless you are? Whether you’re a slave to your phone, a slave to your job, a slave to that “perfect” relationship, a slave to online dating apps,  or a slave to Pokemon GO. I mean people come on, seriously?  You’re out there walking around with your phones looking for Pokemon? Ugh, social trends make me wanna hurl.  But I digress, every day we lose our Freedom. We are all slaves.  I admit I am too. I can personally say that I am an internet addict.  I spend hours and hours just staring at a screen, going to chat rooms, forums, or just here writing.

Ahhh, but I broke free. I have been spending time actually reading a book. An actual book, not my Kindle. And it has been so liberating!  Just going somewhere quiet and desolate, (the basement of my home) and lighting one candle with a lamp above me as I lay on a couch down there, and just read.  It has been a very powerful experience, especially since the book talks about “Becoming your Best Self” No phones, no tv, no noise, just me and a book.

I have come to a conclusion that I will no longer be a slave. I will break the chains. I am not going to plug myself into “The Matrix” I am going to stay out here in the real world (Zion). Bob Marley had the right idea. Just hang and chill in the company of your friends or just by yourself.

I never realized how free I actually am. I spoke to one of my oldest and dearest friends today and she is MISERABLE. She hates her job, she is constantly stressed and I didn’t want to tell her but her boyfriend is a total buzzkill. He is always complaining and whining about how his life sucks after she comes home from a long day at work. Its bad enough that he has no money, no job and no prospects and nothing going for himself, but he is like 1200 miles away!

Kudos to her and people who can handle that. The problem is that some people lack the strength to leave. I was totally that kind of person up until a few months ago. I would be constantly checking my phone,.email,  chat room, or whatever medium I could find someone online. And when they “ghosted” I was let down and hurt. This happens to so many people, and  I really feel for you. Do you know how I beat that feeling? I let go. I let go of the chains I was carrying around my back. The “oh I am so lonely,” the “oh I am getting older every day and I am alone,” the “I feel so blue without someone in my life” chains. These are heavy burdens that so many people carry around.

Just let go. Drop the weight on your shoulders. Do something for you. Don’t give up your freedom anymore. Don’t let someone else dictate how you view yourself. Don’t be afraid of being alone. Remember we come into this world alone and that’s exactly how we are leaving it. Life doesn’t have to stop just because you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. There is SOO much beauty in the world. So much to see if we just dump that baggage we are carrying around.

I challenge you. Do what I did today. Go out without your phone. Don’t go far, maybe around the block or down the street and treat yourself to an ice cream cone. If you live in a rural area, go out among the trees. But leave your phone behind, (please don’t forget your keys and be safe!)  Just go out phoneless, and see how free you feel.  Let go of being a slave.

Go out and grab your Freedom back!

I know you can do it! xoxoxo