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people watching

My therapist told me, “it’s nice that you enjoy your alone time, but humans are social beings and they need to interact. Maybe that’s why you lost connection with God and yourself.”  I pondered this for a while, and ultimately came up with the same conclusion.

It was a boring Saturday afternoon when my friend called. (This friend is a flake that always makes plans then breaks them). She asked if I wanted to go out, so taking my therapist’s advice I went and ACTUALLY had a good time.  We hung out, talked, (her OCD was on full blast), but I tried my best to enjoy myself. And I did.  I realized, then and there, that interaction with people is what makes your life worth living.

You know its hard having no friends. Sure, I have connections online, but actually going and being with people, that’s what I am missing. As I have been praying for answers and coming up short, its simply because I don’t have that human element in my life to connect to.  To just sit and share a space with someone, and it doesn’t have to be romantic.

Why hasn’t God spoken to me? Maybe because I haven’t made any REAL connections with His children.  I have been running around trying to find God in all the wrong places. Ultimately it does come down to me though. It’s ME who has to make the change and come out of my shell. All this technology, man, it’s killing us slowly. And this whole “swipe left, swipe right” crap is even worse.

Online dating, man what a mess. But I get it. People have a hard time meeting organically because everyone is buried in their phone anyway.  I saw a sad scene at Barnes and Nobles yesterday. I saw a nice attractive lady sitting alone at a table and a nice gentleman looking at her while he added sugar to his coffee at the coffee bar.  Now she is probably out there online dating (I am assuming) swiping left and right and this nice guy looks like he wants to talk to her. Why doesn’t he approach her do you ask? How can you compete with a phone? Guys I get it now. I wasn’t sure what the deal was before.  Ladies, gents can’t compete with what’s going down on your phone. Honestly I think he would have approached her if she was just reading a book.  It just seems like we are so disconnected and we are desperately trying to connect.  It’s the weirdest frickin thing.

On a good note, I had fun in the chat rooms last night.  It’s been a while since a cool group of people got together.  I even gave my number to one of the chatters! Of course he didn’t call or text yet, (again sooo predicatable), but I am not holding my breath.  I am just gonna write, maybe check out some roleplaying forums (so much fun to do when bored) and just hang out on this lazy Sunday.

So moral of the story? I think most of us are lonely. Even when we are connecting and around friends we are lonely. But we NEED to put that damn phone down. Seriously. Connecting with people, and sharing smiles, and flirtatious winks are so much more fun in person then sending a “wink” online. Go out with a friend and have coffee, observe people, meet people. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

Stay Tuned……..