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Each day I die a little inside, and it brings me closer to myself.

I walk in shadows and demons haunt me.

I want to crawl in a bottle and not come out.

I want to die and leave this Earth behind.

No I am not suicidal.

I am just lost confused and desperate for a challenge.

I watched the ocean and wanted to get swept away.

I watched the highway and wanted to jump in between the cars.

I watched the moon and desperately outstretched my hand to it.

Tomorrow feels like today.

Yesterday feels like today.

It’s all the same thing, rattled around on the hamster wheel.

No changes, no excitement, just desolate emptiness.

Where will you find me?

Who am I and who are you?

I die a little each day to know more about myself.

Every little death brings me closer to the truth.

The truth is if I die all together people will miss me.

I will not go out alone, but others would feel this pain.

The sheer volume I scream from my soul each day will finally be heard.

Where am I today?

Just a little bit closer to death and salvation.

My little death each day deserves a hug.

A hug that I give myself.

To know yourself and love yourself you have to die a little inside each day.

That’s how I feel right now.

That’s my truth although it may not be yours.

See me now.

In the dark I dwell.

This is my truth to achieve awareness.

For awareness is the key to everlasting truth.