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I remember feeling so small.

You changed your number.

You called me crazy.

I swallowed the bottle of pills and vodka.

On the floor, drowning, drowning. Blackness everywhere.

I died that night because I loved you.

Who were you to take my life?

You are no one.

No one is worth my life.

I died that night because I loved you.

The truth is you never loved me back.

I was chasing a careless dream.

Today I am alive because God gave me a second chance.

A second chance to live my life.

To remember that there are those that care.

You aren’t worth my life.

You aren’t worth anything.

But today I remembered you.

As I listened to “With or Without You”

I am better without you.

I remembered that night I died.

My obsession with you died with me.