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alone robin williamsSo this weekend I am officially on my own. My best friend who I spend a lot of time with on the weekends is out of town. God I hate holiday weekends! They mean absolutely squat to me. That’s what happens when you have no life! Well I do have a life, just a very mellow one. I stumbled into a chatroom for the first time in ages last night, and realized what a blissful life I have and I should count my blessings. I am sorry but there are some really sad people on those sites.  Yeah I’m alone, yeah I feel gross and unattractive, but I am okay with ME, so who gives a shit what other people think right? Exactly!  That’s why I got out of bed and saw “The Legend of Tarzan” yesterday.  What EYE CANDY!!! Phew!

But I digress,  when you’re alone, sometimes you get desperate to make connections. But I feel an emptiness there, when it comes to people ya know? I have been jaded so much. Even by women who I thought were my friends.  Yeah my friend never called to join me yesterday. I knew she was going to flake, but I had to try right?  But as someone wise said to me “Don’t give people space in your life if you aren’t a priority to them.”  That’s really great advice because in this generation people seem to be expendable.  Even friendships.  I am learning a hard lesson that I will just have to enjoy life on my own. Like I did yesterday. Lunch and a movie all by lonesome.  And you know, I had a good time!   It felt good getting out of the house and treating myself.  And did I ever treat myself!  Had some really good drinks, that didn’t get me plastered, but enough to feel pretty good.  And you know, I never noticed it before, but A LOT of people eat alone.  I think its becoming more accepted now.

I logged into OK Cupid today for the hell of it, and I got “Hey beautiful I would luv to get to know you”  First of all its LOVE you jackass.  Men are so stupid. (Sorry to my male readers but damn some of you really are clueless).  I am sure it is hard for the good men out there on those sites who are really looking for a true connection.  But honestly, as a woman, we get so turned off by all those douchebags on there your message never gets heard!  I am so sorry!  As a matter of fact, I just log on there to get a quick chuckle, *delete message* and I am out like a straight man at a gay bar. 30 seconds max is what I give online dating sites now.  There really isn’t a point I think anymore.

So am I happy alone?  Yes I think I am.  The fact is I am not COMPLETELY alone. I do have my best friend, and my family.  I have also met some really cool penpals, who I enjoy writing letters to.  So how do you enjoy life when you’re alone? Find things that make YOU happy. Writing makes me happy.  Reading makes me happy.  The occasional banter in a chatroom makes me happy. Playing my flute makes me happy.  Taking luxurious baths and lighting amazing aroma candles makes me happy.  The Looney Tunes Golden Collection makes me happy.  See I just named at least 5 things.  Can you?