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Great ThunderboltI can feel you oh thunderstorm

Looming on overhead peering through the clouds

Wind picking up now dancing through the trees

Howling, getting faster, picking up speed now

Getting darker, I feel it oh I feel it

Come shatter me with your lightening

I want to dance with you

BOOM! First strike

Rain dancing now, pounding against the pavement

I want to be taken away with you oh thunderstorm

I want to feel your power as we fly over the skies

Visiting different countries over the ocean

Feeling the waves now

The winds howl, oh I feel you thunderstorm

Come take me away

Come shatter me with your lightening

Oh take me away

I can feel you oh thunderstorm….

BOOM! Second strike

Oh how powerful you are

Wash over me with your rain

Fly with me in your clouds

I can feel you oh thunderstorm……..