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question marksI have noticed something these days that has been making me wonder. Where have all the conversationalists gone? There used to be so many of them, now its like “asl” “hi hw ru” This makes me so mad. I am desperate for some real life communication. The art of words is just so lost. I find myself desiring meaningful connections, people I can write long letters to and that will respond back. I know I am asking a lot here because I have ghosted on many people in the past. Is this my “ghost” karma?  Am I having trouble maintaining and keeping relationships because my love of writing had diminished some time ago?

And yes I know what you’re thinking “she just needs a dude.” That is soo far from the truth. One “dude” would totally get tired of me in like one day. I need several “dudes” or several “dudettes” I guess what I am saying is I am craving friendships. I used to enjoy going out and interacting with “live” people, but damn I get so BORED with them. That’s my problem, incessant boredom. I am bored with life, bored with people, bored with everything. And when I do reach out to a medium where I could make friends, its such ridiculous incoherent chatter that makes you want to blow your head off. I am looking into some forums. But there it seems people like to argue and bring up politics. With election year at hand I think people are out there spewing all kinds of crap on many different outlets. I just want to have a conversation with some intellectuals. Male or female. People are so wrapped up in “dating” and I just want a few friends.

Will the real writers please stand up??!!