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After reading one of a fellow bloggers post, I have become inspired to write about some of the things I am facing as I await, the “36 year old” mark. Tomorrow is my birthday, and as I wonder what awaits me on the other side of tomorrow, I wonder what has happened to get me here. To this place.

My spiritual journey has been a “dormant” one for some time. After my release from the hospital I found that the mania was what caused my sudden “awakening” of my spiritual self. It makes me wonder if Shamans and Oracles were bipolar because they had the gift of sight. I wonder if Nickela Tesla and Albert Einstein were also bipolar because they could see far beyond the realm of this reality. People have such negative views when it comes to being bipolar and I wonder what it is that causes that. As I approach a new highlight in my life I begin to imagine what is waiting for me on the other side.

I wonder what is this life and what does it mean? I wish my higher power would speak to me again. I wish I had that “voice” inside me that let me know that everything I am doing has a purpose and there is a reason behind everything, This earth, this universe, this life.

Just some things to ponder…….

Stay tuned.