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FindingClarityThis is is a special letter to those who feel like they will never find “Mr. or Ms. Right” I have learned several lessons this year that taught me all about relationships and the kind of person I want to be.  I had to let go of a few friends, deactivate my Facebook account, and just vanish from everywhere on the internet. So here I am at 10:30 p.m. on a Thursday night bearing my soul to anyone who is reading.


This statement seems futile if you are just going through a break-up or are feeling depressed. I know that sometimes you just don’t want to be around people and can’t stand to look in the mirror at what you have become. But remember the person who may have left you is probably going through the same thing. (We are secretly hoping the creeps are being eaten by hyenas).  But you are not alone in your plight. Take comfort in that.

Making connections these days are harder than ever. People just aren’t interested in making lasting friendships. This boggles my mind because they are so many singles roaming around browsing through dating sites, or my favorite place to hang out (the infamous chatrooms).  With all these people out there looking why is it we are alone? Why is it we feel we will be alone forever?

The fact is we aren’t. If you take a second go through your phone, and you will see there is at least ONE person you can text right now while you are reading this and say “hi, how are you” Now you may not want to contact this person for whatever reason, (mostly cause you can’t be bothered),  but the fact is you DO have someone to reach out to, you just choose not to. I know because I am guilty of this too. I recently saw a friend of mine who was in a chatroom yesterday who went on a three week adventure to Europe, and right now I can easily pick up the phone and see how her trip was. But am I doing that? No! I am sitting here with a drink feeling sorry for myself wondering why am I alone here, drinking alone, in my room.

We will not be alone forever folks. There are people that care for us. And if you don’t believe me, email at lynn.shatteredwish@gmail.com, and I will kick you in your ass for you! Or you can just comment below. Lol. Cheers and Happy Thursday!