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hope1I have been through many things in my life. Some heartwrenching, some hilarious! As the months have passed since my last hospitalization, I have realized who my TRUE friends really are. I had gotten involved with several people last year that led to said hospitalization and all the craziness ensued.

But I would have to say that an old flame (very close friend as well) had led me into it. He became involved with a woman who believed in polygamy and I was just along for the ride. I have to say I became close to the woman and felt as though she was a sister to me. Come to find out she was not as she seemed. She let the “universe” take care of things for her, which meant me and my dear friend payed her way through most of her troubles. I made a milestone today. I disconnected her phone. (Yes I bought her a cell phone and was paying for it). Now you are asking yourself, why would someone do this for someone they met online? Easy. I am gullible and naive and I believe if I have the means to give I will to someone in need.

But not today, I am no longer no one’s doormat. I am ecstatic as I took this step of assertiveness. I mean you buy a phone for someone and they don’t call you or even text you in 6 months WITH the phone I gave them to see how I am doing? Wouldn’t you call that messed up? I had bought her a laptop, a coat, boots and an MP3 player too. Yeah I was a cash machine. I believe the best in people, and believe that the universe will one day pay me back. Yeah but I disconnected it. Screw it. I didn’t even text her that I was going to do it. Don’t contact me for six months? Goodbye phone. I am not having none of that. Not to mention the fact that she wanted nothing to do with me after she found out I was in contact with one of her old flames (we are friends too). So basically I had to choose between her and him because he had to be quarantined because his spiritual energy was “toxic” If that ain’t a line of horse poo than I don’t know what is.

But today is going to be a new day. Deactivated Facebook. Blocked who I needed to block on gmail and Skype, and now here I am with a fresh new attitude on life. The Lady of Shadows isn’t doing to bad for herself , (yes that’s what I call myself now). Anyway, I feel good and I am happy about my decision.