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buttLaying naked wouldn’t be prudent on a day like today, but that doesn’t stop me from me from feeling absolutely sexy on a snow day. Covered up, I lay most of the day in bed, thinking of the love of my life recovering from his surgery.

My sexual hormones haven’t been activated yet, even though I am a highly sexual being. Wondering when that will kick in, will just have to wait and see. I opened up my Christmas presents today, (since I was stuck in the mental ward during Christmas), and I got a slew of wonderful knickknacks from my little sister, who did a lot better than me in this life. When I was 23 I was doing pretty dam good too, I had a $70,000 job but I was a total drunk and a total mess. My little sister has my parents, a good physical therapy job and of course me, a big sister that looks out for her at every turn.

Among my knickknacks, was a Coach wallet, a Tommy Hilfiger purse, some perfume, some night lingerie, and an Archangel Micheal to keep clipped to my dashboard in my car. (Always good to have an angel looking over you).

So here I am, feeling beautiful in a large red top, with nothing on underneath, about to crawl under the covers and wait for a phone call from the love of my life. Then off to take my pills and gonna tackle this snow tomorrow.  By sun up, I am hoping most will be melted and I can use my old boots to help my parents out with a lot of the shoveling. They have three houses to shovel, and at their age they can use all the help they can get. Hopefully I see my sister tomorrow to help because she hasn’t emerged from her room all day, probably the life of a hard working physical therapist, can’t say that I blame her.

Sweet sexy dreams to all my followers, and I hope you enjoyed your snow day!!

Love and kisses,