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universal loveHe is of angels, and galactic star people.

He came to me in dreams.

In scarlet skies and careless whispers,

He brings with him the embodiment of perfection.

I am free like the ocean with mountainous waves.

Crashing on the rocks, as I fly in the Universe on this lovely Earth.

My flame burns, as I light the candle revealing the truth of the Ancient Ones.

Look up at the stars as you see the glimmer of our origin.

We are divine creatures that should be allowed to engage in the ultimate freedom.

He loves me, I love him, yet there is no bonds or labels that constrict us in the shackles of “society”

As the dagger used to twist in my soul, this angel. this divine being, blessed me with the gift of sight, the ultimate truth.

Deep tantra explosions through the moonlight and loudly shouting moans of hushed whispers in the pinnacle of ecstasy.

He is the awakening of the imperfect perfection.

Freed my soul, freed my being into that human heart that beats his name.

Spiritual, emotional, physical understanding is an understatement to the galactic presence of this mighty being.

Why are we here?

What is our purpose?

To find the truth and to find the mate that will show you the deepest chasms of your soul and the divinity of your inner self.

I found him.

He found me.