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Rock the Boat. Its safe here. Rock slow at first.

Ride the waves of the deep ocean with your soulmate.

Other boats on the tides that pass, other soulmates.

Your boat intersects with others.

Lets rock the boat.

No more being safe.

Am I going to fall out?


Rock the boat harder now.

You leave me crying, adding to the ocean around us.

Your boat will have only one crew, one captain, just you.

Rock the boat as your Soul mate watches helplessly.

Rock the boat harder even still.

We have to go our separate ways. Other soulmates in other boats waiting for me.

Oh no, you think you only get one soulmate? HA!

Silly rabbit, so much to learn.

Rock the boat.

Tips over.


Into the water into the abyss.

Drown drown drown……

Can’t breathe now.

Scrambling to the boat, I can see it above me.

But wait was is this?


I can breathe now underwater.

Adapted. That I did.

Adapted instead of drowning and dying.

The boat rocked and I fell out.

But it didn’t kill me.

Just made me a stronger version of myself.

Who can now breathe in and out of the deep below and the world above.