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ocean and starsI was once a Starless Night.

Shipless across the sea.

My waves unattainable and harsh as the ever changing ocean.

Till the captain came, and crossed my horizon.

He considered himself weak, across my strong currents.

Tired and beaten down by life in his travels.

The mighty captain has fallen.

In my warm ocean he finds peace.

My waves are torrential and full of turmoil.

Every day is a mystery as I cannot be tamed.

My starless night,

Empty in soul and spirit,

Till the captain came.

Till you came.

I fell, the ocean parted.

I succumb to the unchained heart.

You tamed me.

The fog lifts.

The mist finally clears.

The moonlight peers.

Over the ocean waves.

The seas are calm finally.

Ride this journey with me.

Oh lovely captain.

Do not fear me.

Do not fear us.



Finally there are stars in the Starless Night.