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Broken dreams of a love that time will lie down and be still for. I thought I knew. Come to find out I don’t know a damned thing. My spirit calls out to the Universe. They all came into my life. Each one with a purpose. I am being tested. I know it. I feel it.

When your spirit knows you. How do you not succumb to lust? How do you know that when you’re a 35 year old vibrant sexual beautiful woman you cannot be shackled? There comes a time when you realize that monogamy isn’t for you. You wait your whole life for that one true love and then when you get it you question everything about it. Is it because human beings are completely greedy? We have too much choice. Too many choices. Way too many.

I was given a great gift. A man that completely utterly loves me. Can I accept his love? My spirit is free. I don’t deserve a man like him. I have called out to the Universe to send me this man, but why when he comes more doors open showing me my true self? Why now? Lust eith a young supple man at this moment? Right when I fall in love? At the same exact time.

Fight something that comes natural to me. This path was laid out. Time to make a choice. I never understood the great plan. But I know how to walk it. Better get our now before someone gets really hurt. Or do I repress it for true love? Crazy in love doesn’t even describe the insane feelings I am going through. Do I fight for love? Or do I succumb to lust?