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His orgasm was strong.

I heard it, I felt it.

He said, “I love you”

2015 what a year. These men that have come into my life. Each showing me a new unique experience.

The Virginian, a man I fell in love with. The first to send me flowers for Valentine’s Day. Sexually bland and pulled the disappearing act.  Made me cry several times waiting for his phone calls. Just waited, waited for him to come around. He disappeared finally in August.

The Scottish Spiritual Husband. My flirtation with polygamy. Shared him with another woman. Had a deep sexual spiritual connection with. Had incredible sex, mind blowing encounters, where my soul felt as if it was lifted away from my body. Eyes locked on each other through each intense orgasm felt. My spiritual self had never been so satisfied. Enjoyed this for almost two months.

The Viking God. My exploration into being dominated, completely and fully. Fifty Shades of Grey cannot hold a candle to this experience. Flirted with very dangerous kinds of role play. Experienced such intense orgasms that the thought of him made me explode. Enjoyed this for several months until the end of June. Hit a block on June 26th, on my birthday, where through a drunken haze told him how much I loved him and I wanted more. He disappeared after that, and broke my heart.

The Gambler. Was just a flirtatious friendship. Learned that he had absolute no boundaries. He would have been my first experience with complete inhibitions. He was a gift better than all the others though. He brought me to my sobriety which I have now made at 90 days free from alcohol. Fell in infatuation with him. He made it clear that he was in the UK and I was in New York and did not want to pursue a romantic relationship with me. I understood and was disappointed, but I learned true independence.  Did not need the love of a man to define me and was quite content for the first time in my life in being alone.

Then he came. The Desert Southern Gentleman. A rare breed of a man. One of the last of his kind. He belongs in the old days of the South, where men kissed a lady on the hand to show affection. Guarded his heart was, and I fell in love instantly. He blew me away with his kindness, his strength, his intelligence. Enjoyed many times together. He opened his heart to me. Told me he loved me. Overwhelms me with his love. Will make me his wife and I will leave New York to be with him in Arizona. Will move by this time next year to his wonderful little house that we spent many wonderful evenings in. Explosive love, electric love, complete, inconvenient, can’t-live-without-you love. As he looked at me and held my face, with his intense gaze looking at me, my eyes filled with tears. Then he bent his head and kissed my tears away with his lips. “I will love you for the rest of my life” he said.

The companions in my life. My lifelong platonic friend from the north and my handsome 32 year old playtoy from California that orgasms at the thought of me. All in my life at the same time. I have set boundaries yes, these are just my companions. For the rest of my life.

But my husband in spirit, the absolute love of my life, has been waiting for me…..

Waiting for me all this time….

God says He’s Been Waiting for You….

Well I have been waiting for him too….

The sexual peak of my 35 years has finally come to full climax. I have never felt sexier.