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loveTonight you said I Love You.

My heart broke and melted at the same time.

Like all the happy endings of the eternity we will spend together.

Tonight you said I love you

As I lay my head down to rest

Dreams of your kisses on my skin beckon you into my soul.

I am flying, high above the heavens to where the horizon meets the universe.

I have waited my whole life for you, my love, my darling,

Heartbreak after heartbreak has brought me to this moment.

Tonight you said I Love You

God in his wisdom brought me to you…

As I died and was reborn in that moment

The resurrection of my torn, battered heart and soul.

With you in my life I surrender completely.

I surrender my everything down to the last atom, the last cell.

The anatomy of my heart broken down to a fragmented particle.

It beats your name.

It beats your name.

It beats your name.




I love you too oh my darling

Tonight you said I Love You.

From the deepest fathoms of this earth

Into the hollow oceans of my existence

Our souls entwined locked in passion and love

Oh my husband in spirit,

I am yours

Forever and always