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MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS BAHAI SHRINESome people come into your life for a reason. Some stories are long, others are short. I often wonder about this. I used to chat on this program called “Paltalk” for almost 3 years. I met a lot of nice people there and I had a good time for a while. Then Rosi came. We enjoyed many spiritual conversations and she introduced me to the Baha’i faith, an organization that promotes acceptance of all religions and World Peace.

Me and Rosi had many in depth conversations. We shared a lot about life and personal hardships. Then she turned on me. As I was living my life, I was spending less and less time on Paltalk and she started getting crazy and obsessive. She sent me a hurtful email which I responded to with kindness. I basically told her that I won’t be disrespected in such a way and that I will always love her like a sister and we should go our separate ways. I also thanked her for introducing me to the Baha’i faith and I will go to my first devotional meeting with nothing but good words about her which I ended up doing.

Her response to that email was devastating. She said the most vile and horrible things to me. It was full of such anger and hate that I couldn’t believe this was the same person. It made me cry and broke my heart into a million pieces. NEVER in my life has someone said such hurtful words to me.  NEVER in my life has someone hated me so much.  All I ever did was be kind to her. It haunts me. Now that I attended my first Baha’i meeting, and I am reading about the history and scripture, Rosi’s evil words keep echoing in my mind. “I could care less that you want to join the Baha’i, in fact I discourage it because they don’t need a nasty sociopathic whore in my wonderful community” That statement echoes in my head. My heart breaks every time I relive her words even though that horrible email was deleted a long time ago.

Anyway, as the days come and go it gets easier. I hope to find my true spiritual self and learn the grace of God and hope He in his ultimate wisdom can bring me some peace.

God bless all who took the time to read my post, I just needed to vent a bit.

Peace and love xoxoxoxo