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autumn loveThis beautiful Autumn sun kisses me softly as I am reborn.
As the newest love in my life has finally revealed himself.
With the breaking dawn of a new season he comes.
He gently caresses me in Summer’s twilight hour
As the whole Earth holds her breath now once again
He begins with a colorful change
A change that was much needed in my life.
Swathed in mists, in fog of disbelief that rises among the thorns of my broken heart
Opaque glasses and opal gardens covered in dew
Revealing Spirit that was always there
Smitten I am.
Flushed with feverish tickling
As I feel you running up and down my skin
The sweetness of your voice sends the Autumn chill in my Summer’s heart.
The sun’s precious touch sometimes keeps you at bay
But you creep ever closer, and will have your way . . .
As I stand tall being enveloped by you.
You place the wind in limbo, confused and strange
Cricket song, leaf crunch, swaying trees,
Peace and love echoes in my ears.
You keep me guessing, with your own special style
You do not proceed with caution, indecision, or tact
You know that you belong now
The Earth here opens the door and lets you right in
As for me, take my hand
Walk with me…..
Under the ray of the morning light
We are interlocked. caressing the earth and engulfing it
Moving the Spirited leaves,
Strummed the grass, and fueling the fire in my soul
Unsettling the frost, silencing the hymns of First-Light-Genesis
Swiped the diamonds from the vines,
Tore away the leaves of dawn
And as the sky begins to burn
The birds wake and as our beautiful wind song grows louder.
The Earth stands under us and nods in agreement that it is time.
Time for us to finally heal in Autumn Love.