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universal loveLife beat me senseless. Tore my heart up. Brought me to the depths of despair. I have experienced utter darkness, where there was no end and no light in sight. I screamed, I hollered out to the universe in the loudest voice from the deepest beat of my heart. Send me him I said. Send me the man that will love me.

I was broken. For years. I went on these journeys. All these men. They all came into my life to show me lessons. Every single one of them throughout my life. Each had a time place and purpose, and the most have come through my life this past year.

I am tired. I am exhausted. I drowned into the abyss of heartbreak. Where I cried so hard I felt the blood reach my eyes. Unrequited Love. All I have ever known. Was this the Universe’s plan for me? To beat me into the stardust of the heavens. To hear my cries and send me heartache after heartache? Was it all a test? Of my endurance, and my will?

Then he came. Out of left field. A man so wonderful and kind, that my heart breaks when I don’t speak to him. I literally ache for him. My heart, my soul. In this world, there are no real truths left. All we all ever want is for someone to love us. Truly, completely, unconditionally, painfully bare and nakedly. Where the walls are completely stripped and we are just spirit. When the spirit meets another, there is no surface. Just light.

You are my light. My shining star. My beacon of hope. My reason for living. The reason I smile when I rest my head on the pillow. My heart beats your name now. Right now. I ache, my tears flow now with happiness. You are here. I am there. The Universe put me in your path.

Walk with me now.

Smile with me now.

Soulmates finally interlocked in time.

I found you finally and you saved me….

Like I saved you.