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hope1They say Life is made up of moments.  I have made it 25 days without a drink.  During which time I have gone through a rollercoaster of experiences. Including which I laughed so hard I cried, and I cried so hard my heart broke.  The quintessence of Life. Its what we all hope for.  What we all dream for.  We chase down experiences because if we don’t live it we feel we are missing something.  Like that perfect date, that perfect partner, the perfect relationship.

But what about that relationship with yourself?  I have been running so long. Experience to experience, high to next high, bed to next bed.  Where does it end? I want to be seen, be heard. I want my voice to count for something.  Life can be beautiful like a warm beautiful Sunday morning.  Like the one right now. Live it. Feel it. We don’t get many like it.

What is it like not being drunk? Most days to be honest it sucks. You think its this big thing where you will learn all these lessons and it will be flowers, sparkles, and sunshine. What is it like being single? That sucks too. More flowers, sparkles and sunshine as you travel down the road of self-discovery. Yeah right. When you really look at yourself, what do you see? Do you see that horrid person looking back at you with demons haunting you that causes you to spiral down into depression, or do you see a person with tears in their eyes filled with great joy, thankful to live another day?  The Earth is magical. The trees are lovely. The air fills you up and as you breathe through your lungs you think “I am so lucky, I was granted a chance, a chance to live.”  Don’t knock yourself down.  Live another day.  Breathe another day.  Take a walk, take a drive. Enjoy the moments as they are here.  Tomorrow may not come.  Let’s enjoy today…..