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So my attempt to enter OK Cupid?  Crash, burn and epic fail!  I have to laugh you know. Here is how it went down.  I went back on the site after a year of being away.  Granted I probably should have looked over my profile before I started sending out messages, (or message in this case).

Anyway, I am on there just browsing around when I come across a cute and interesting guy.  I take the time to send a well thought out message, and he messages me back saying “I don’t want kids, and you do so we won’t make a great match.”  Que?  I want kids?  Where did it say that?  LOL!  The fact is I really don’t want kids either but I put “I might want kids” on my profile.  Did I mention its been a year since I have been on that site?  However my little “faux pas” messed up my chances.  How quick he was to judge! I bet you anything he didn’t even read my profile but just looked at the little mini questionnaire that I filled out wrong! And the hammer of judgment quickly slams me on my head as I crawl back into the hole I came from.  *Walk of shame*

So dear ladies and gents, word of advice, please look over your profile before sending out messages.  Don’t be a dolt like me.  DOH!