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Goodbye. I loved you. Our time was short. You showed me deep emotion. You saved me. No man will ever touch my life like you have. Thank you. Goodbye. I loved you.

I had to tell you I felt like nothing to you. My emotions are too extreme for you. People with bipolar don’t belong in relationships. We are the challenged. We don’t react and relate to people like others do. I scared you off finally, like I have done with so many others before you.

I asked you a simple question. “Do you feel for me?” And you couldn’t even answer that. I deserve better. Sex is great. You showed me orgasms I never felt. But alas, that’s all I was to you. I got tired of your distant behavior. You got tired of my reckless emotion. We hurt each other. We loved each other.

Intense romance.

Toxic clashes.

A broken woman.

A missing man.

Goodbye. I loved you.