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35On my 35th birthday, I would like to say I am grateful for the little things.  The people that remembered me on Facebook even though I haven’t been on there in forever, my mom and dad showing up and giving me my present, my little sister all grown up and treating her big sister to dinner when I used to change her diapers not so long ago…

These are the things we remember.  Its always a pinnacle you know.  When you rise to the challenge of another year.  35 marks special significance to me.  In my life things have always happened every 5 years.  A major change, a new relationship. new job. Some milestone always occurs.  This year it was the Viking.  Man. I didn’t see that one coming.

Being bipolar has taught me a lot over the years, and getting another year older has taught me that I will NOT let it conquer me.  I will not let depression hurt me either.  I will step back and enjoy what I have because I am unbelievably lucky to have all that I have.  So thank you.  Thank you God for blessing me on my special day.

And as my birthday horoscope reads:

This is your time for more fun, creativity, and self-expression! Your inner child will be very near the surface all year long, so choose wisely when it’s appropriate to act out. Be responsible and methodical early in the year and build yourself a good base. It is full of fun and frivolity. Friends and family will insist on it, anyway. October may be your most creative time and also the riskiest for possibly upsetting or offending someone. Your good instincts can keep this under control. Enjoy a mental getaway in February. The rest of the year is quiet, productive, loving, and – yes – fun!

So to those celebrating a birthday today I want to take this opportunity to wish you a special one.  May you have many many more, and my birthday wish to you is, you share this day with me, we are sisters we are brothers.  Happy Birthday to us!!