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So where was I? Where did he come from? You know he ruined me for all men right? Lost in Lust. Lost in Love. The demons roll in. Haunting. Taking me by storm. Rocking my world. Shaking my foundation to the very core. How will I ever recover? Cut so deep this time.

You know, this is a repetitive game. Always ever changing. Men come and go in my life. Falling in and out of love, mixed up in a bipolar. Manic, depressed, just screwed. I found someone who understands me. Wanted to build a future there. But the Viking God showed up and blew my freakin’ mind to a different dimension.¬† So then I threw away that very plausible stable future for a fantastic voyage.

Looking at the stars, lost in the beautiful twinkle. My heart an endless ocean guided by these stars. The man who locks me will be the luckiest man to ever exist. My ability to love has no bounds. But here I am questioning my monogamous self, lost in lust and fascination.

Where am I? Where did he come from? Where will this life take me? Will my future be with this man? To love perchance to dream. To lust with every fiber of your body. Que sera sera.