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To feel. Perchance to dream. Where was I all these years? Lost in alcohol, depression and bipolar. I was a ghost. Shifting. Shadows. To love. Am I capable? Being monogamous doesn’t seem possible. He came. He showed me. Great sex. Great passion. I screamed his name. I bite my lip. He is a God. A king.

Where was I before him? To feel. Perchance to dream. You are a miracle. You are my destruction. My downfall. I submit. Take me.

Then another came in the picture. Fascinating to me. He has one he loves. I have one I love. He said an island girl ruined him for all women. I am an island girl. What does that mean? It means I cannot and could not be monogamous. I can travel an ocean away and live happily ever after, but I will always be craving more attention.

He waits.

Torn between two men I wait. I wait for answers and retribution. Will the answers come? Will I fall? Will the dagger twist deep in my chest as I wait? Or will all my pain and torment come to an end? To feel. Perchance to dream.