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brokenI lied to you.  You will punish me. Not more than I will punish myself first. I am writing this to put my feelings down, but I feel such overwhelming guilt. How could you lie to such a smart man? Are you really that stupid? What makes you think you could get away with all of this? I am breaking and broken. When anchors weigh, the mighty shall fall.

He finally caught on. It was a matter of time. I dwell in darkness as I told half truths to get out of being the real me. Oh how my heart is breaking. I do not deserve love, not an evil wretch like me. All of it comes crashing down as the gates of hell burst open with your sins. Watch as God judges you. Watch as everything you love is taken away from you. Watch as you destroy the only happiness you have felt in a long time. Watch as time goes on and you slowly crawl back into that disgusting hole you crawled out of.

Watch as you die.

Watch as you die inside.

Watch as he destroys you.