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Lost and Confused SignpostLet’s be honest.  There is a lot of weirdness going on out there.  In the age of internet dating, we can get all the weirdness up front and in your face before you meet a person. But isn’t it overload? I got an earful the other night. Here I am thinking, okay, I am going to give it a chance. My online relationship wasn’t going so well, the guy from Virginia was starting to bore me so why not try a local guy? You know one to hang out with, do things with, and maybe develop a relationship with. No harm right? Even a first date wouldn’t be harmful. Nope, nuh uh, not happening, sorry.

Mr. Foot is angry. Let’s call him that. Yeah you know where that is going already. Anyway, Mr. Foot is one angry mofo. He went on and on about his rejections, how women dumped him, how they are gold diggers, interviewers, and not interested in him as a person. He also went on to say that he hasn’t had a relationship in 10 years. Big shocker! Anyway, Mr. Foot loves feet. Red flag ladies, when a guy asks you to send him a picture of your foot in the first conversation, RUN. But I did it, what the hell, I was going to get past it right? Wrong. Mr. Foot also wants a mistress, a woman to dominate him. I have never played that role before. I love an older, experienced man. One that can possibly dominate me, know what they are doing and wants regular sex. Maybe I am a dying breed but the kinkiness of people is starting to scare me with all this 50 Shades of perversion stuff.

Anyway, this was all stuff he revealed to me in a first conversation and I was officially weirded out. Sorry Mr. Foot you’re gonna have to find yourself another dominatrix. This chica is a little too conservative. Mind you I have done my share of naughtiness, but damn, I can’t put myself in that place or mindset. We all have our kinks but honestly I would rather be dominated than dominate. Also my feet won’t be giving footjobs. Ugh. Is it bad that the only good thing that came out of that conversation is that he thought my feet were cute and not Hobbit feet? I dunno, maybe not.