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tumblr_m4afsbI4Eu1r5zq6ao1_250Did you ever just feel like the Incredible Hulk?  Just come out of your shell and say Bipolar. SMASH! Well, sometimes I wish I could just do that. Just say get the hell outta here with your depression and lets get some MANIA! Just up and SMASH the bipolar in you. I am in a depressed state today. Don’t really want to do something, but want to do something at the same time. Ever feel like that? You lay in bed with your laptop with this wonderful thing of the internet at your disposal and you can’t find a damn thing to do.

Things haven’t been going so well. My eating and sleeping are so bad and my 35th birthday is just around the corner. The past 11 years went by and I have nothing to show for it. Just on onslaught of hospitalizations, drinking, meaningless encounters and endless heartbreak. The bipolar doesn’t help either. Just lost in an endless cycle of drowning abyss. What do we do from here? Where do we go from here? Is there any hope. Come on bipolar. SMASH!