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So here I am again.  So in love with someone who doesn’t love me back.  Isn’t that the same old story?  Why do we do this?  Do we like pain?

You explore my deepest darkest desires with me. Its scares me.  Excites me. Without the lust, is there nothing else? When the fire goes, is it just the honeymoon period that we love? How do you really know someone? Unrequited.  Hard to love someone so far away. Things feel different somehow this time around. I’m an online veteran, I been down this road before, many times. I know you don’t love me and the fire is going, its burning out, I sense it. A girl knows these things, don’t try and deny it. Crossroads. I know myself and my ways, I am going to hang on like a fool. Fall deeper in love with you as your careful eyes wane.

I am heartbroken you know. Heartbroken even though I love you.