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People’s quirks can get on your last nerve. What’s the most boring conversation in the world? Two people who have strong chemistry talking about how boring they are and how they can out bore each other! Its amazing you know. Two self proclaimed nerds that look like they can both model in some sort of Calvin Kline ad, (him with his long beautiful golden locks that put Fabio to shame, me with my dark mysterious arabian/latin heritage). And yet still we are both dateless and would rather find pleasure in sitting and reading on a Saturday night.

But what quirks constitute a run for the hills moment? I dunno certain things rub you the wrong way now. You kinda lost the spark, but not really. In all honesty I am wondering how much longer I can put up with the charade. Its like what people say about online dating. Its so exhausting. Well so are online relationships. Even though I am not “officially” in one, I wonder how people get on with this for years. Don’t they run out of things to talk about? And for that matter, have I become so cynical and stuck in my solitude that I have forgotten what its like to share a life with someone?

Oh please say it isn’t so!

Or maybe its the bipolar stopping by for a quick hello to stomp on my parade like it usually does.

Excuse me while I have a drink. This calls for booze. And plenty of it.