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Ever had this problem ladies?  When you get so involved in your guy that the sun revolves around the Earth and the Moon is playing catch up?  That’s where I’m at on a lonely Friday night.  But you know, its not all about “them” ladies.  It is nice to occupy your own time and find your own niche.

Okay so I am in an online relationship, I am not exactly holy mary sunshine.  I am still in contact with another guy I was head over heels for in January.  But he missed his chance.  He was one of those guys that called once a week and hardly ever answered his phone.  You know the one ladies, the “I’m too important for you” type of guy.  Well when Beowulf (my petname for my new beau) came around and he swept me off my feet I dropped Mr. Important like a hot potato.  However here’s the catch.  When I ignored him, he wouldn’t stop calling!! For a month I couldn’t get rid of him.  Then one really pathetic voicemail made me pick up the phone and call him.  Then he went on to tell me he was a changed man, and that I changed his life when he thought he lost me. What???!!!  Ugh, choices, choices.

So yeah, I am hanging on to Mr. Important, by a thread.  He is the safer bet you know. After all he is just 6 hours away, where Beowulf is on the other side of the world.  I know its pretty much a fantasy with Beowulf, and there is probably no future there with circumstances being what they are, but I believe in true love dammit!!!  I can make this happen.

So here I am ladies, Friday night and a bottle of Chardonnay.  Cheers!  Can I get a holla? Lol.

Stay tuned.